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Merge branch 'precedencegraphplot' into 'master'

Better rendering of precedence graphs with delays

Closes #95

See merge request !72
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......@@ -452,7 +452,7 @@ class SFG(AbstractOperation):
def remove_operation(self, operation_id: GraphID) -> "SFG":
"""Returns a version of the SFG where the operation with the specified GraphID removed.
The operation has to have the same amount of input- and output ports or a ValueError will
The operation has to have the same amount of input- and output ports or a ValueError will
be raised. If no operation with the entered operation_id is found then returns None and does nothing."""
sfg_copy = self()
operation = sfg_copy.find_by_id(operation_id)
......@@ -504,6 +504,9 @@ class SFG(AbstractOperation):
return self._precedence_list
def show_precedence_graph(self) -> None:
def precedence_graph(self) -> Digraph:
p_list = self.get_precedence_list()
pg = Digraph()
......@@ -514,21 +517,33 @@ class SFG(AbstractOperation):
with pg.subgraph(name='cluster_' + str(i)) as sub:
sub.attr(label='N' + str(i + 1))
for port in ports:
sub.node(port.operation.graph_id + '.' + str(port.index))
if port.operation.output_count > 1:
sub.node(port.operation.graph_id + '.' + str(port.index))
sub.node(port.operation.graph_id + '.' + str(port.index), label=port.operation.graph_id)
# Creates edges for each output port and creates nodes for each operation and edges for them as well
for i in range(len(p_list)):
ports = p_list[i]
for port in ports:
for signal in port.signals:
pg.edge(port.operation.graph_id + '.' + str(port.index),
port.operation.graph_id + '.' + str(port.index))
pg.node(port.operation.graph_id, shape='square')
if signal.destination.operation.type_name() == Delay.type_name():
dest_node = signal.destination.operation.graph_id + "In"
dest_node = signal.destination.operation.graph_id
dest_label = signal.destination.operation.graph_id
node_node = port.operation.graph_id + '.' + str(port.index)
pg.edge(node_node, dest_node)
pg.node(dest_node, label=dest_label, shape='square')
if port.operation.type_name() == Delay.type_name():
source_node = port.operation.graph_id + "Out"
source_node = port.operation.graph_id
source_label = port.operation.graph_id
node_node = port.operation.graph_id + '.' + str(port.index)
pg.edge(source_node, node_node)
pg.node(source_node, label=source_label, shape='square')
return pg
def print_precedence_graph(self) -> None:
"""Prints a representation of the SFG's precedence list to the standard out.
......@@ -561,7 +576,7 @@ class SFG(AbstractOperation):
def get_operations_topological_order(self) -> Iterable[Operation]:
"""Returns an Iterable of the Operations in the SFG in Topological Order.
Feedback loops makes an absolutely correct Topological order impossible, so an
Feedback loops makes an absolutely correct Topological order impossible, so an
approximative Topological Order is returned in such cases in this implementation."""
if self._operations_topological_order:
return self._operations_topological_order
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