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Resolve "Add AbstractPort" and "Change Port ID to Port Index"

Angus Lothian requested to merge 48-add-abstractport into develop
  • Changes the port module by introducing a fully abstract "Port" interface and then an "AbstractPort" abstract class that implements the Port interface, which is in line with the class diagram.
  • Renames many functions such as "connect_port" to "connect" and "connect_signal" to "add_signal" for better useability and to fit with the class diagram.
  • Moves "AbstractGraphComponent" to the graph_component module.
  • Also renames functions such as "connect_source" to "set_source" in signal.
  • Refactors Port ID to Port Index as in #49 (closed)
  • Move AbstractOperation implementation to the operation module.
  • Mode BFS implementation from the utilites module to the operation module to solve cyclic imports.

Closes #48 (closed) Closes #49 (closed)

Edited by Angus Lothian

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