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Add third-order BLWDF example

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Small bireciprocal lattice wave digital filter.
from b_asic.core_operations import Addition, SymmetricTwoportAdaptor
from b_asic.special_operations import Delay, Input, Output
from b_asic.signal_flow_graph import SFG
from b_asic.simulation import Simulation
from b_asic.schedule import Schedule
in0 = Input("x")
D0 = Delay(in0)
D1 = Delay()
D2 = Delay(D1)
s = SymmetricTwoportAdaptor(-0.375, in0, D2)
D1 << s.output(1)
a = s.output(0) + D0
out0 = Output(a, "y")
sfg = SFG(inputs=[in0], outputs=[out0],
name="Third-order BLWDF")
# Set latencies and exection times
sfg.set_latency_of_type(SymmetricTwoportAdaptor.type_name(), 4)
sfg.set_latency_of_type(Addition.type_name(), 1)
sfg.set_execution_time_of_type(SymmetricTwoportAdaptor.type_name(), 1)
sfg.set_execution_time_of_type(Addition.type_name(), 1)
sim = Simulation(sfg, [lambda n: 0 if n else 1])
import scipy.signal
w, h = scipy.signal.freqz(sim.results['0'])
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
plt.plot(w, 20*np.log10(np.abs(h)/2))
schedule = Schedule(sfg, cyclic=False)
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