Commit 9f4db90c authored by Mattias Krysander's avatar Mattias Krysander

debug main

parent c5099a37
......@@ -211,14 +211,15 @@ for i = 1:length(selected_no_of_residauls)
C{i} = CBDPlots(data,model,selected_residauls);
title(['No of tests: ' num2str(selected_no_of_residauls(i))]);
clear residualRanking C i
clear C i
%% Plot structural isolability using the k best residuals. Compare with previous plot.
for i = 1:length(selected_no_of_residauls)
selected_residauls = residualRanking(1:selected_no_of_residauls(i));
model.IsolabilityAnalysisFSM(data.fsm(selected_residauls,[2:8]),'permute',0); % full str isolability
title(['No of tests: ' num2str(selected_residauls(i))])
title(['No of tests: ' num2str(selected_no_of_residauls(i))])
clear selected_no_of_residauls selected_residauls i ans
%clear selected_no_of_residauls selected_residauls residualRanking i ans
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