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Resolve "Operator Overloading"

Angus Lothian requested to merge 10-operator-overloading into develop
  • Adds working implementation for operation overloading for the operations "+", "-", "*", "/" so that when "a = b + c" then an Addition operation is created that takes b and c as output and is returned and then assigned to a. This also work for constant arguments so that "a = b + 5" returns a ConstantOperation object instead. However the syntax "a = 5 + b" does not work since it is not possible to overload the integer implementation of the "+" operation.
  • Adds tests that verify that the operation overloading works as intended.
  • Changes old incorrect usage of "connect_to_port" to "connect" in the core_operations module.

Request review from @ivaha717 and @jacwa448

Closes #10 (closed)

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