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Convert llnl_hostlist_expand to Puppet 4.x API

Torbjörn Lönnemark requested to merge llnl_hostlist_expand-4.x-api into master

In Puppet 7, extra methods within a function definition block are no longer permitted when using the 3.x API.

Attempting to use such functions aborts catalog compilation with:

Error: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server:
Error 500 on SERVER: Internal Server Error: org.jruby.exceptions.SecurityError:
(SecurityError) Illegal method definition of method 'example_function' in source .../example-module/lib/puppet/parser/functions/example_function.rb on line XXX in legacy function.
See for more information

We fix the error by updating the only function that has extra methods to use the 4.x API.

This change drops support for Puppet 3.

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