Commit 49a298e9 authored by Sebastian Olsson's avatar Sebastian Olsson
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Commented out diagnostics ros msg to solve crashing

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......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ from rclpy.node import Node
from rclpy.action import ActionClient
import os
from diagnostic_msgs.msg._diagnostic_array import DiagnosticArray
#from diagnostic_msgs.msg._diagnostic_array import DiagnosticArray
from move_base_msgs.action import MoveBase
from std_msgs.msg import String, Bool
from sensor_msgs.msg import Range
......@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ class Py_Tree(Node):
self.entities_sub = self.create_subscription(Entities, 'yolov5_entities', self.entities_callback, 10)
self.head_touched_subscriber = self.create_subscription(HeadTouch, 'head_touch', self.head_touched_cb, 10)
self.sonar_front_subscriber = self.create_subscription(Range, 'sonar/front', self.sonar_front_cb, 10)
self.battery_sub = self.create_subscription(DiagnosticArray, "diagnostics", self.battery_cb, 10)
#self.battery_sub = self.create_subscription(DiagnosticArray, "diagnostics", self.battery_cb, 10)
self.is_talking_sub = self.create_subscription(Bool, "is_talking", self.is_talking_cb, 10) # TODO: Test with things running on Pepper
self.yes_no_sub = self.create_subscription(WordDetected, "word_detected", self.yes_no_cb, 10)
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